Saturday's Critters #134

Saturday's Critters #134

Happy Saturday, it's time to share your critters and post. Any kind of critter will do, even a new or old post.. I appreciate everyone who is linking in with this week's critter party.

Sharing some butterflies and birds seen during one of my walks on the near by fire road. I also saw some turtles at our lake.

This is the female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, the male is a pretty yellow color.

 I am pretty sure this is the Great Spangled Fritillary.

Turtles on a tree hanging out of the lake, another turtle close by the shore and a Louisiana Waterthrush seen during my walk to the lake.

The Ovenbirds are a common breeder bird seen and heard in the woods adjacent to our house.

The Scarlet Tanager  is a another breeder in the woods next to our property.

In the same tree as the Scarlet Tanager I watched the Cedar Waxwings and there was a Baltimore Oriole that skipped the scene when I snapped the pic. There are two Waxwings on the left of the photo and one just about to eat a berry on the right side of the photo.

As always thanks for the visits and the nice comments. I also thank everyone who is linking up and sharing their critters.. Happy Saturday, have a great weekend!

To see more beautiful birds and cute critters, check out these two memes below.

Also visit:  I'd-Rather-B-BirdinThanks to the gracious host: Anni.  Also check out Camera Critters. Thanks to Misty for hosting this fun meme.


Hi Eileen -
Hooray - the weekend is here :)
Great snaps in this post.
I particularly love the Turtles hanging out at the lake and the Tanager.
Nicely done!
Thanks for hosting.
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)
You did see quite a number of critters on your walk, my favourites are the butterflies. Thanks you of hosting and I hope you have a hppy weekend
NatureFootstep said…
I like the pretty butterflies you have. Always a joy to see. :)
Thanks for hosting. Wish you a great new week.
Crissi said…
Great shots Eileen!
Happy weekend
Irma said…
Hi Eileen,
Beautiful series of photos of the butterflies and the birds, captured perfectly.
The first picture is my favorite.
Best regards, Irma
Noushka said…
Hello dear Eileen,
Your butterflies are truly magnificent!
There is a similar Tiger swallowtail in Australia... quite unknown in Europe!
Lovely post :)
Warm hugs and take good care!
Linda said…
Absolutely gorgeous, Eileen! I hope you are having a great weekend. :)
jandi said…
Your butterflies are gorgeous! Have a beautiful Saturday!

Beautiful photos! I lovebutterflies very much, and the Swallowtail is my favourite. I have never seen it here, but I hope for it.

Happy Saturday!
Nancy Chan said…
Hi Eileen, your butterflies are so pretty and I love the pretty red bird about to eat the red berry. Have a wonderful weekend!
Sue said…
Something about those turtles sunning themselves just makes me smile!
Have a great weekend, Eileen
Jutta.K said…
Again a great selection of interesting animals!
The little bird is so sweet :-)
Greetings from Germany
Have a nice weekend
Happy birds and beautiful the second photo! Berry time keeps the birds busy - lovely shots!
Thanks again for hosting and sharing.

Happy weekend Eileen,
✿ chica said…
Borboletas, tartaruga, aves...LINDO! Todas fotos maravilhosas! Ótimo fim de semana! beijos,chica
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Eileen,
Nice pictures.
The butterflies are really great. Wonderful!!

Kind regards,
Tom said…
Eileen, another fabulous critter collection, thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.
Kate said…
You always make great choices for the images on this blog.
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; Beautiful butterfly of both male and female and varieties of birds♪
I always have trouble finding the names of critters and flowers, I DO admire your knowledge about them(^_^)v  I'm wondering the name of the swallowtail butterfly I found the other day p:-)
Thank you SO much for hosting.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*
We have rain!!!!! Happy critters here. Not much, 0.44", but it will do!
Magia da Inês said…
Lindas fotografias, muito agradáveis.

Bom fim de semana!
Nice captures of the local breeding birds. They are a lot quieter now and like to hide in the thick summer foliage. Here in NE Illinois I noted that some already are molting in advance of their departure to the south.
Brian King said…
Gorgeous butterflies! Nice light! I like the ovenbird - it's been a long time since I last saw one.
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
There were so many birds I didn't get to see on my visit over; but loved the ones I did! None like yours - though I did manage a (very poor) shot of a cardinal! I do have a small envy of the variety you have outside your door! Have a great weekend. YAM xx
Phil Slade said…
Hi Eileen. And thanks for providing this opportunity for me to join in again. It's wonderful to see your butterflies as this year is a pretty dismal one for our own winged beauties. I've seen hardly any this year so i hope it improves.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have fun.
vivi ka said…
Great photos and post as always!!! I loved the butterflies! Have a great weekend!
Erica Sta said…
Wonderful captures!

Thank you for Hosting .
Uppal said…
Awesome butterflies and birds. I'll be participating again shortly.
Christine said…
Hello Eileen! Fabulous shots of the butterflies & birds! Have a wonderful day!
You see such a nice variety of birds and critters on your nature getaways. I haven't seen a Scarlet Tanager in years! Perfect with the berry to eat. Enjoy your day sweet friend and thanks for the fun! Hugs, Diane
Maggee said…
Looks like the one turtle might be a painted turtle, seeing the red... cool! I look forward to seeing Cedar Waxwings again, tho it might be a while! Thanks for sharing!
Sandra said…
beautiful birds, i like the scarlet one and the little oven bird to..

i am feeling like an OVEN bird, one that has been placed in the FLORIDA Oven to bake..
Debbie said…
exciting snaps eileen!! i have not seen one butterfly this summer, or at least none in my yard. your images are beautiful!!!
Great shots, and thanks for hosting, Eileen! I wish it were cool enough here to walk around the lake...but it's not. It's hotter than a firecracker and the humidity is out of control!
enjoyed your critters. Cheers
Nadezda said…
Hi Eileen!
Lovely photos, especially of turtles!
Have a nice sunday,
Frank Boxell said…
Hi Eileen. So nice to your colouful butterflies.
Sharon Wagner said…
The butterflies look so pretty in the sun! You really caught them.
rupam sarma said…
Beautiful clicks.
~ Have a nice weekend ~
carol l mckenna said…
Oh gorgeous butterflies, turtle and bird photography ~ always wonderful!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^
lovely selection of photos, the butterflies are beautiful
Bob Bushell said…
Beautiful butterflies, my favourite is the Great Spangled Fritillary, I love it.
Very nice. Love the Butterflies---I love them too and have many plants they love in our garden---hoping to be there when they are.
Al said…
Such pretty birds, and what a great butterfly shot. I've never yet photographed one.
Lea said…
Love your photos!
I looked in my bird book (Audubon Society) to see if we might have Ovenbirds here. Not likely, but might be some passing through on migration.
Have a great week-end!
That's a Great Spangled for sure, Eileen.

I saw a couple in West Virginia while I was there last week, but none posed for me.

Lovely critters pics, all!
Jo said…
Hi Eileen, I love the butterfly images. Thanks for hosting. I've been away from blogger these last two days but at last managed to link up. Happy Saturday to you. Jo
Beautiful butterflies Eileen!I love them so much, I made two paintings of them (so fat). Have a great weekend and see you soon for SEASONS:)
Beautiful colorful.
And of course the birds. Love them all Eileen.
amanda peters said…
The Butterflies are beautiful, to wet here today for any kind of critter...
Amanda xx
RedPat said…
I didn't know that the female Swallowtail was so different from the male. Love your birds as usual, Eileen!
Anni said…
I'm back...sending along this message for you...Thank you so much for this wonderful post and photos. Your making use of the linking tool at I'd Rather B Birdin' is always very much appreciated by all us birders.
TexWisGirl said…
neat ovenbird and waterthrush, too. you see a lot of variety there.
Martin Kloess said…
Someone had a lucky day. To get butterflies to pose.
Appreciate you sharing.
Happyone said…
Lovely pictures of the butterflies. : )
Missy George said…
I wish I would see a butterfly now and then..They just aren't around..Too many birds?? Your shots are lovely..Have a good Sunday.
Hello Eileen
I keep meaning to say I like your header/banner and this visit I've actually remembered to tell you!

Another lovely selection of birds, butterflies and turtles.
The butterflies are really lovely to see especially the Great Spangled Fritillary.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend

All the best Jan
I wish I saw more butterflies...very nice!
The Yum List said…
Great butterfly shots - those things are hard to capture as they always seem to be on the go.
Wow - amazing pix - love the bird eating the berries - and the butterflies - they never sit still for me. Hope your weekend is great.
jMo said…
That fritillary is magnificent.
Linda said…
Wow, the Great Spangled Fritillary is spectacular!
bettyl-NZ said…
What a lovely variety of butterflies! I am just luring monarchs to our garden this year, so I'm excited to see how it works. Your other critters are a great find, too.
Karen S. said…
Good morning Eileen I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! You sure have a majestic collection of critters along that fire road. Such a pretty place to capture nature and what a sweet catch with the berry and the bird!
Nick V. said…
Love the butterflies, Eileen! Wonderful shots.
Thanks for hosting and enjoy the new week ahead.
Alexa T said…
I must say that in this summer, I've seen only one white butterfly...But, I still hope to have a new chance, till autumn! These ones are lovely, with so colorful wings. Thanks for hosting and a good day of Sunday to you, Eileen!
A Quiet Corner said…
Eileen, first...thank you for telling me about the Comment thing...I must have hit the wrong button!! But now...I would love to spot a Tananger or are so fortunate!...:)JP
Gunilla Bäck said…
Gorgeous captures of the butterflies! Have a great week ahead, Eileen.
Linda W. said…
Beautiful butterfly photos!
Excelente trabalho e belas fotografias gostei das borboletas.
Um abraço e bom fim de semana.
Lynne said…
Loved seeing the butterfly . . .
You must be sitting away from it and zooming in . . .
Always wonderful pics Eileen . . .
Scarlet Tanagers are such a treat!
Butterflies and Birds -- each one a perfect picture.
Ana Freire said…
Stunning photos, Eileen!
That's all I can say...
I like them all, specially the firt two!...
Beautiful work!!!

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