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I am featuring the Anhinga  we saw on the Anhinga trail in the Everglades National Park this week.  It seems only right that they have a trail named after them in this park. We saw so many Anhingas, I would think their population is not at risk.

 COOL eyes!

The Anhinga species is found all over the world. They are sometimes called a Snakebird, American Darter, or a Water Turkey. 

Anhinga rookery in the Everglades National Park. They are cute fluffy babies.

Juveniles will stay brown until after the second or third winter.

Within two weeks the tan down is replaced with white down. After three week from hatching the juvenile's first feathers will appear. The baby on the nest a the bald head, the down will appear later.

The female Anhinga has a light brown head and neck and upper chest. And the male is a glossy black-green and it wings and tail a black-blue. The tip of the tail has white feathers. The back upper part of th…

Around the yard

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Just an FYI: A friend on Facebook said she rec'd an email from me using using a yahoo email address and was asking to open a link. First I did not send any emails out the last couple of days and I do not use YAHOO for email. So if anyone should see my name on an email please do not open any links. LINKS are bad to open no matter what, so be careful.

For my post this week, I have some shots of Spring time around my yard and of course I have some of my spring birds. So, I will take you for a walk around my yard.

The Goldfinch looks pretty sitting in the weeping cherry tree.

The dogwood tree is one of my favorites, I love the dogwood blossoms.

I've been seeing a lot more bluejays around the yard.

The bleeding heart plant is one of my favorite spring blooms.

The Chipping Sparrows seemed to have arrived in big numbers, I am seeing a lot of these cuties around the yard. I am looking forward to seeing some of the spring migr…

A Variety Show

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I am sharing more birds from my trip, I have not been anywhere since my trip except to work. And I have been waiting to see some spring birds show up in my yard. This is a short report of my yard sightings this week. I am seeing  a lot of Chipping Sparrows suddenly, I had a male Ruby Throated Hummer zoom by my head. The Juncos seem to have disappeared but I am still seeing a few White-Throated Sparrows, Pine Siskins, Red-Breasted Nuthatch. I also see a few Purple Finches and some House Sparrows And my cute Pine Warbler is back. As soon as I get some decent shots, I will do a yardbird post.

So for my post this week these shots are from our quick stop at the Shark Valley, Everglades Nat'l Park.

 There must have been a big fallout of the Palm Warblers in Florida while we were there. We saw Palm Warblers everywhere. LOL, this one fell out of the sky right on the trail in front of us. You see he is looking up waiting for mor…

Florida Sunset & more

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 Sorry, I still have so many vacation photos I am going thru. These shots are from the evening of the 4day and some from the morning of  the 5th day of our vacation. I hope I am not boring everyone with more vacation shots and birds. I took probably close to 1500 photos and we put 1641 miles on the car. LOL, we see and do a lot during our vacations.

On this evening we had dinner near the coast of Bonita Springs beach. I was loving the fish tacos and conch fritters. After dinner we checked out the sunset on the beach, it was a little cloudy but still some colors in the sky.

The sanderlings found the one section of sand that reflected the sunset.

The next morning we packed up and headed south once again stopping at Shark Valley in the Everglades National Park. During the tram ride, we stopped to take a walk on the trail to the tower and overlook. This tower reminds me of the tower in the Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park, it is just missin…

Burrowing Owls

I am linking up with Wild Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes;

During my Florida vacation I knew I just had to see the Burrowing Owls. It was my only chance to see them, since they are not in Maryland or anywhere close by. Before leaving on our vacation I check Ebird to see where the Burrowing Owls were being sighted and with some luck on my side they were being seen not far from where we were staying on our 3 and 4 night. Oh, and I should mention it was a life bird for me, YEA!!

They are adorable little owls, I  am so happy to see they are being protected. I made sure not to disturb them by standing across the street to take my photos. They are living in a regular neighborhood with a parking lot on one side of them and the street with houses on the other side. A very public place and they seem to be happy there. Can you imagine walking down the sidewalk and having one of these cute owls perched right next to you?

The Burrowing Owl is about 9 inches tall and has a wingspan of about 21 i…

Ding Darling NWR, Sanibel Island

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The Ding Darling NWR was a must see during our Florida vacation. It is located on Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico. The Ding Darling wildlife refuge is named after the cartoonist Jay Norwood "Ding" Darling. I heard it is closed on Fridays so the workers can do their thing and to give the birds a break. So, we saved Ding Darling for an early morning visit on the 4th day of our vacation. 

Ding Darling NWR was established  in 1976 to protect the country's largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystems. It is also known for its migratory wading bird population.

In my mosaic above, is a scenic view of Ding Darling, top right is a Pied-bill Grebe, assorted White Ibis and Egrets, bottom left is a Tricolored heron, middle shot Egrets and  White- Ibis, bottom right Little Blue Heron and a juvie Little Blue.

This shot above shows some of the migratory birds we saw at the refuge. They are the Little Blue Heron, Great Egret,…

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Part 1

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My prayers go out to the victims and people of both Boston and West, Texas. 

 During our Florida vacation we visited the Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary twice. And I have way too many photos to sort thru some good and some to be deleted.  Corkscrew is an awesome place to visit, I rate it close to my visit to the famous Magee Marsh. The birds are awesome and the property includes a 2.25 mile boardwalk and it is said to have the largest remaining stand of Bald Cypress forest in North America.

The Redbellied Woodpecker, one of the many Corkscrew Swamp birds.

Above is the lush habitat that makes up some of Corkscrew Swamp.

The juvenile White Ibis were seen in various spots of the Corkscrew Swamp. The juvies have some brown and turn all white as adults.

The Wood Storks were a life bird for me, I think they are awesome looking birds.

The Roseate Spoonbill is another awesome bird. Their pink color is g…

Sanibel Island Skywatch

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On the third day of our Florida vacation hubby and I went south and spent 2 nights in Bonita Springs. Located on the gulf and midway down the coast. We toured Sanibel Island and Ding Darling NWR and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. All great places for birding and pretty scenery, so I am sharing birds for NF Winged and some sky shots on this post. 

This Sanibel Island lighthouse is a different design than what I am use to seeing. But, I do enjoy seeing lighthouses and will take a few photos of each lighthouse that I visit.

The Brown Pelicans were plentiful in Florida. We saw a lot of them on Sanibel Island.

The Snowy Egrets seemed to like hanging around the fishing pier, maybe hoping for a free meal.

Some of the Sanibel shorebirds..the cute Sanderlings and some Ruddy Turnstones.

Juvie Osprey on the nest, testing out the wings.

Now, it's time for the sunset on Sanibel Island.

Love the pretty pink clouds in the shot above.

These sky shot…