Falls Creek Falls State Park

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On our first day in Tennessee after seeing the Sandhill Cranes we drove to see the waterfalls at Falls Creek Falls State Park. The park is 25,000 acres consisting of a lush forest, streams, waterfalls, cascades and scenic gorges. On this post I am sharing the Cades Creek Cascades and waterfalls.

Our first stop in the park was at the Cades Creek Falls and the Cascades.

The Cades Creek waterfalls. and another rainbow.

It was a windy day at the park so outside the birds were hunkered down and hidden. I did hear a few Titmouse, Chickadees and Kinglets around the visitor center.

We walked over several of these suspensions bridges.  This bridge was at the Cades Cascades.

I loved this view of the Cades Creek cascades, there is a small rainbow too. This park has several waterfalls and we tried to visit each one if only for a small amount of time.

Along the drive at the park, we stopped for a quickie look at the view above.  I like the trees.

On another post I will share the Falls Creek waterfalls and views of the gorges.  I hope you enjoyed my post. As always, I appreciate the visits and your nice comments.  Have a happy new week ahead!

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This is such a beautiful area. The waterfall with the rainbow is stunning. Bill would not (did not) like the suspension bridges, but I thought they wre wonderful. The last view of the point is wonderful.

lovely lovely lovely

I miss I didn't get to listen to the river with you.
Hello Eileen, what a wonderful place you have visited! The views are breathtaking.
The waterfalls and cascades are very beautiful, but the last photo is my favourite. Thank you for sharing and have a great week ahead!

Wonderful waterfalls!

Happy new week ahead :)
Tennessee is such a beautiful State.
I have always wondered how Sandhill Cranes have to ability to live in such different climates. We had them in Idaho as well. I suppose they migrate.
Inspiring photos!
You know Eileen, we would enjoy having you share this special post with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday, if you have the chance.
Have a lovely week,
the creeks are beautiful indeed, Eileen
TexWisGirl said…
the falls are beautiful but i love that last image. :)
Sue said…
Hi Eileen--nice place. I don't think I could do those suspension bridges!! Scary!
Have a good week
Cloudia said…
Aw Honey - we are both the Rainbow Girls today! Just lovely, Eileen
Martin Kloess said…
Enjoyed this thank you for sharing
Wandering Wren said…
We have a Falls Creek, here in Victoria, Australia, It's one of our lovely skiing areas - such a pretty name, don't you think. The Falls Creek you visited is beautiful, I love the suspension bridges, such a clever "at one with nature' way of getting around, if you don't mind the wobbles!
Have a lovely week
Wren x
The Yum List said…
What a beautiful location to celebrate nature.
Denise inVA said…
An incredible place for gorgeous scenery, walking and seeing wildlife. Great photos Eileen!
Gail said…
You are so blessed to see such amazing places.

Thank you for allowing us to see through your lens.
Suza said…
Beautiful pictures of a wonderful landscape. I love the waerfalls and the trees at the top of the mountain.
best regards
Michelle said…
The falls are very beautiful!
Country Gal said…
Lovely photos . Looks like a fun place to go ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !
Sandi said…
You caught a rainbow! Beautiful.

Love these photos, but the bridge scares the crap out of me! ;-)
Rose said…
I do love that last pic, but I must say the other shots are so appealing. I wish I was there looking at them.
Saun said…
Hi Eileen, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love those trees too beautiful waterfalls. How was the walk across the bridge nots sure if Icould walk across it..
Lois said…
What beautiful scenery! I love waterfalls and those rainbows are really pretty. I don't think I could walk over that suspension bridge though!
Linda W. said…
Love that many of the waterfalls have rainbows!
pattisjarrett said…
You seem to find a lot of those suspension bridges. ;) I might have to crawl across.
diane b said…
Wow great waterfalls and views. You are getting to see a lot of places.
Hi Eileen,
wow, gorgeous photos of this wonderful area with the water cascades, the bridge, the trees and this adorable view in your last photo.
Best regards, Synnöve
rupam sarma said…
Awesome waterfall. Beautiful photos.
Hannah said…
I enjoy going along with you on your travels, Eileen, I don't make it to nature preserves very often. The water is such pretty colors, and the rainbow is so pretty. What a gorgeous place for a hike.
Mary Cromer said…
How exciting for you to have seen the Sandhill Cranes in TN. That is also where we first saw them 3 years ago. If you ever get near Louisville, please let me know ahead of time. I have never heard of this park in TN. The suspension bridge would scare me, but I think I would try it. Beautiful scenes shared. Have a Happy week Eileen~
Anu said…
So beautiful landscapes and waterfalls! Great photos too!
Hello Eileen
Now when I read "The park is 25,000 acres consisting of a lush forest, streams, waterfalls, cascades and scenic gorges." I thought that it sounded a wonderful place.
Seeing all your photo's confirmed it.
Wonderful scenes the waterfalls, the rainbow, the walk-way bridges - everyone of them were lovely to look at.
I enjoyed my visit, thank you.

All good wishes for the new week ahead.

All the best Jan
What a beautiful park...the falls are amazing but oh that last photo of yours just took my breath away!
Uma excelente reportagem.
Um abraço e boa semana.
A beautiful place for walking with gorgeous vistas. Makes you wonder how those trees can be growing in rock.
Sandra said…
love the view from the bridge but would not cross it is you held a gun on me.. i used to walk home from the school and go 1/2 mile around to keep from walking the swinging bridge. i love the tree on the ledge and all that gorgeous rushing water and water falls.
love the bridge, the rainbow shot and the rock shot. i feel i have seen that online or some where recently. so cool!! great shots & post, Eileen. have a great week! take care. enjoy it all moments. ( :
So beautiful to exciting place, you have a lot of great wild nature as well.
  Great pictures, good new week for you.
I does make me yearn for the beauty of the mountains! Amazing photos my friend. Hugs, Diane
Wow.....beautiful scenery! I like the last image very much.
Thank you Eileen.

Happy Monday!
Alexa T said…
Gorgeous views and mini rainbows! A wonder place with magical aspects, from elements of nature, waterfalls, rainbows, stones, rocks, trees, of course critters,... What beautiful park to have a walk! Many thanks for sharing, all of these, with us!
Best regards in the new week!
Beautiful cascades and waterfalls, Eileen!! Tennessee has some amazing parks and countryside. You're a braver woman than I to walk across that suspended bridge. Our family walked across one of those at Grandfather Mountain, NC, when I was growing up and Never Again. ;) I have a wee fear of heights.

Thanks so much for your visit and comments -- have a great week!!


Debbie said…
i have been writing down all the wonderful places you visit, in the hopes of following in your footsteps. you find the most amazing, natural, nature centers!!!

of course, i loved the water and waterfalls best but all of your images are beautiful!!!!
Debbie said…
ooooooo and i forgot about that last one, WoW!!!! amazing!!!!!
podso said…
Beautiful shots of a beautiful area. I think I see signs of spring peeking out--if this is a recent picture. With the warmth here now it's popping out all over quickly. Have a nice week Eileen.
Linda Kay said…
Your photos are always lovely, Eileen. My favorite is the waterfall.
Mary Hone said…
I love waterfalls, and that place looks wonderful. I bet it sounded spectacular. Great shots.
Beautiful pics, always love to see new places. I like those trees on the jut out. I'm going to start participating in your Saturday's Critters.
wonderful waterfalls and rainbows!
thomas said…
beautiful falls but love the cliff shot most
Happyone said…
Love the suspension bridge and would love to walk over it!!
Amazing how the trees grow on ledge of rock like that. Great photo.
Christine said…
Fantastic views of the Falls Eileen. I wonder does the suspension bridge sway a lot? That would be a fun crossing!
I love the trees on the edge of the plateau!
Enjoy your day!
wildlifewatcher said…
Hi Eileen, One of my favorite TN parks. I lived about 50 miles from there in Fairfield Glade (Crossville area). Not strong for the birds other than vultures but gee, gorgeous scenery in at gorge and waterfalls area! Glad you had a nice visit. Have a super good coming week!
Debby Ray said…
I think I saw some of these on facebook, right? Tennessee, as you know, is one of my favorite places! It has been years since I have been this area but I do remember it. I would love to walk across that bridge! Your photos are awesome!
Stunning images, what a wonderful place to visit.
Have a wonderful week with hugs from Prunella :)
Don Wood said…
I love that bridge Eileen but I dont think my wife would push me across in my wheelchair. Thanks for your comments on my Mosaic Monday Post. XXX Don
Klara said…
the last image - I am speechless! the whole trip is amazing - my kind of past time.
Cathy Keller said…
What a beautiful water fall. As always you take such beautiful photos of places I'd like to visit! Thank you! Wishing you well!
What a beautiful place this is. I particularly like the last shot.
Fun60 said…
What spectacular scenery.
Birgitta said…
Interesting and beautiful photos!
ladyfi said…
Fabulous shots.
I often see these waterfalls on Betsy's blog, Reflections, as she lives in Cades Cove area, but it was nice to see your perspective of them, Eileen. The trees on the ledge look like bonsai--so pretty!
Our photos said…
Very nice ! I like the rainbow !
Daniela said…
My wonderful Eileen, you always amaze me, indeed, amaze me more and more with your stunning photographs, and I'm so very grateful to you for this, I enjoy your posts so very much !

With so much gratitude I wish you a lot of joy for your day, today, and even more for those to come, my lovely friend,
thinking of you with love

Missy George said…
Beautiful water shots..I can't get too many falls scenes...Looks like a lovely area..Thanks for sharing..Enjoy your week...Do you think we will see the sun??
Photo Cache said…
Oh my goodness this is a particularly spectacular park. Love the hanging bridge, the waterfalls and the trees in cliff. Awesome.

Worth a Thousand Words
Wonderful place.. Nice series of images.. Cheers..
A beautiful place Eileen, love the way you captured the rainbows and those trees look like bonsai.
Waterfalls - am addicted to them, and brings us back yearly to Yosemite Nat. Park! Hope you read this before We.! Please add me to your list of links - started a meme called SEASONS, and anything during the season goes (so beyond landscapes). Thumbnail link is open Mon-Wed. 7pm Pacific time. Hope to see you there!
carol l mckenna said…
Very creative photography and presentation ~ even more so for this post ~ Beautiful!

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
Stephanie said…
I would have been a nervous wreck crossing that bridge. Beautiful images!
Felicia said…
i love the waterfalls
Kalantikan said…
Nature escapades like these i always love, better than the birds, sorry about that Eileen, hehe. Waterfalls most of all are my favorites, but here most are difficult to reach so i have not been going for more falls, but i've been to more accessible ones. And i am so impressed with the plenty of comments you are getting, i hope i get at least half of those, 59 before me, LOL.
Indrani said…
Yes the fall images are indeed mesmerizing! I like the rainbow shooting out of it. Wonderful collages made.
Nice of you to take us all on this great tour of the falls and mountains in Tennessee, Eileen.
I loved the refraction of light in the photos - almost like a rainbow.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)
Lorrie said…
How beautiful is the waterfall and rainbow. What an amazing place to visit. Our earth is full of so many beautiful places.
Pondside said…
The trees on the edge of the cliff are starkly beautiful, even as they are covered in spring green. They must be tough little trees!
ak-ut said…
beautiful nature :-) - happy week !!!
Magnus said…
Very beautiful photos Eileen!
wolfe said…
What a wonderful place!
Nature is really beautiful and you capture it very well!
Have a nice day
s.c said…
Wow great landscape you have caught here. Beautiful.
Stewart M said…
I do like that tree in the last image - its looks old, but with that kind of location, who can tell.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
What a beautiful park. I like to walk over the bridge. ;D
The last pic is my favourite.
Have a nice day
Murthy said…
Lovely captures..!
Andrea Priebe said…
Who knew there could be such beauty and not that far from where I live. I love the trees in the last view too, Eileen. They have a very oriental look. This is a beautiful park ... I look forward to more pictures from this trip.

Andrea @ From the Sol
Irma said…
Hi Eileen,
This is a nice place to stay.
The waterfall with the rainbow is beautiful.
Best regards, Irma
Boa tarde, lindo passeio a desfrutar de tanta beleza natural,passeios assim ficam para sempre na memoria.
DIMI said…
Ηello Eileen!!
Such a beautiful place!!
Gorgeous pictures from this beauty!Love the waterfall and the rainboy!
Amazing images!!Thank you for sharing!
Have a happy week ahead!
Gorgeous....the falls.
And the foot bridge...that is awesome too.
Al said…
What a beautiful park. I'd love those suspension bridges!
Bob Bushell said…
Precious waterfalls, and everywhere else, thanks Eileen.
Some lovely scenery there, Eileen. I particularly like the last photo.
Such a beautiful place! Love the rainbows over the falls and the trees on the rock outcrop. I'm not sure I could walk over that suspension bridge without serious vertigo! Hope you have a nice week, Eileen. x Karen
Linda said…
How beautiful! Love the waterfalls and rainbows! Spectacular!
We have a falls near us on Powell Lake that always has a rainbow like that. Of course they call it Rainbow Falls. You have to get there in late spring and no later than early summer to see it in all its glory. Our summers have been pretty dry lately, so the water flow drops to trickles down the granite cliff face. - Margy
Liz said…
What a gorgeous area, Eileen!
Joyful said…
Beautiful series. I love the image of the tree standing on the craggy cliff. Have a great rest of your week.
NatureFootstep said…
your mountain parks are gorgeous places. Those hanging bridges are beautiful too, but I´m not a fan of walking on them. :)
jandi said…
hi Eileen, those rainbows are so beautiful! and the last image is gorgeous! have a beautiful day!
Noushka said…
Hello Eileen,
Very beautiful post and pics, great place to enjoy nature.
The last one, also my favorite, reminds me of the Blue Mountains in Australia!
Warm hugs, enjoy your day :)
What a place. The waterfall is amazing.
Wow another fabulous spot....and oh those falls are gorgeous especially the rainbows they make!
amo sin blogg said…
Very beautiful pictures.
Amazing !

Have a nice week.
Cloudia said…
I'm shooting pictures of parts of water rainbows today!!!!
Caroline Gill said…
Stunning scenery, Eileen - and your photography with the rainbow spectrums is superb. Do you know if our Goldcrest (or Firecrest) is the same as your Kinglet?
Helma said…
Beautiful pictures Eileen.
The falls I feel great to see.
Always nice post.
Beautiful pictures, Eileen...the area is gorgeous!!!...:)JP
Bushra Muzaffar said…
This is a beautiful place, Eileen. It must be fun walking those suspended bridges...I find them a little scary and fun too :D
Rambling Woods said…
Thank you... a walk in nature via photos is just what I need... thank you for your kind comments...Michelle
Ana Freire said…
Remarkable images!
Great captures, Eileen!!!
All the best!
edenhills said…
The water falls are gorgeous! Love that walking bridge.
Maggee said…
Wow! What a beautiful place... Going to look up where it is, mark it for future reference! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!
Hi Eileen

We're happy that we stumbled over your blog as we are also dog lovers and we think to travel to the US next year and visit some parks. thanks you for these gorgeous pictures. We will think of this one.

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