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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, April 22, 2012

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I guess everyone knows by now that I enjoy nature and the birds.  Yesterday, hubby and I took the local hike on the Shamberger Peninsula trail at our Prettyboy Reservoir. So we celebrated Earth Day a day early. Today we are getting some much needed rain.

 The mosaic above show my study area, the birds seen in the clear cut area were a few Mourning Doves, Chipping Sparrows and Cowbirds.

 It started out as just a walk to the study area where the foresters did a thinning and a clear cut. I am helping out my bird club by keeping track of the birds seen in the area of the thinned and clear cut. This is the start of the second year for the study and my second 2012 walk and count for the study area.

Above is the study area were I am keeping track of the birds seen in the thinned and this clear cut area. The clear cut area looks kind of sad to me. The white dogwoods around the edge are the only pretty sight for me. I am by …

Cavity Nesters

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Tomorrow is Happy Earth Day, I hope everyone can do something outside to enjoy nature.

Last weekend I just happened to see a few cavity nesting birds at work.  One was the Northern Flicker and the other was the Downy Woodpecker. They both seemed hard at work and really into excavating their nesting cavity.

The Northern Flicker will excavate a nest in a tree, post or even a cactus 8-100 feet off the ground.

Not the best  Northern Flicker photos, the lighting was horrible and the bird was still a good distance from me. But you can the see the black mustache which id's this as a male flicker. They have a black necklace-like on their upper chest and their lower belly is beige with black spots.

The Downy Woodpecker hard at work clearing out their nesting cavity. The Downy's breeding habitat is mostly forested habitat and mainly deciduous trees.

The Downy Woodpecker has a black back and white spotting on its wings, has a white bar above the eye…

SWF>>>>Backyard Sunset

I am linking up my skies with Skywatch Friday

These are shots from last week of the sunset from my backyard. I sat on my deck watching the birds in the yard and keeping an eye on the sky. The sky is looking dramatic with the dark and gloomy clouds. We have been missing the rain, even this time the rain stayed north of us.

Above is how my sunset started.

My Goldfinches are really sporting their pretty yellow feathers.

High in the top of a pine tree my neighborhood heron is just peeking out of the nest. Soon the leaves will be blocking my view and it will be hard to see the nest.

I am not the only one keeping a watch, these three turkey vultures were in the woods across from my driveway.  Not sure if they were watching the sunset, they had their heads turned the wrong way.

When the sun dropped low in the sky, the bottom of the clouds looked to be on fire. I feel much better having the fire in the sky than worry about fires starting from being too dry due to the lack of rain.

We have been …

Pied-billed Grebe

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World Bird Wednesday  and Nature Notes

During our last visit to Bombay Hook NWR we sat and watched a couple of Pied-billed Grebes. They were swimming around and every once in a while they would dive. I think they are one of the cutest birds with adorable faces.

The Pied-billed Grebe nest on ponds and lakes and winters on fresh bodies of water and protected bays.  They are warm brown in color, have dark eyes and a white eye ring. Their bill is short, black and banded.

This shot is a little fuzzy because of how far I had to zoom. But, I love it's adorable face.

It was hard to capture two of the Grebes close together, every time I would go to snap the photo one of them would dive.

Thanks for stopping by to see my post, I hope you love my Grebes too.  Thanks to Springman for hosting World Bird Wednesday and to Michelle for hosting Nature Notes. I hope the rest of your week is a happy one.

To see more beautiful birds and wonderful photos p…

Bombay Hook NWR, 75th Anniversary

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On Saturday, hubby and I drove to Delaware to visit Bombay Hook NWR. I included a link for Bombay Hook NWR which lists the many activities they will be having during their anniversary celebration. If you want to visit during this time you can check out the calendar of events. We did not know until we arrived at Bombay Hook, they are celebrating their 75th anniversary. The Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1937.

 In my mosiac above I have a cute Pied Billed Grebe, tree blossoms, Great Egret, raft of Coots, Yellowlegs, three Black Crowned Night Herons in the tree, Blue-winged Teals, and Purple Martins at their house.

I believe the bird with the highest count seen at Bombay Hook were the Coots. Hubby and I were in disagreement over the count. I said there was close to a thousand Coots throughout the refuge and hubby had a lower count of 700-800. The other highest count birds were Dunlins and Sanderlings?  The…

Camera Critters from my Birdcam

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A few night time shots of the Raccoon visiting my feeder, a mourning dove, and a cute chipmunk.

A few different shots of the Redbellied Woodpecker, Chipping Sparrow, Bluejay, Squirrel from my Wingscape Birdcam.


I thought this shot of the male Cardinal was neat.

The look on this squirrel's face is just priceless.

Somehow the date on my birdcam is way off and I have to figure out how to change to the correct date.So please ignore the date of 05/01/12 we are not even there yet.

I hope you enjoyed my critter post and to see more cute and adorable critters
 please visit  Camera Critters.    Thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting Camera Critters. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

SWF>>>Wilkes Barre, PA

I am linking up with Skywatch Friday  with more of my Wilkes Barre, Pa photos from last weekend.
We spent Friday night after our hike at the Ricketts Glen State Park in Wilkes Barre, Pa. So Saturday morning we had the day free for looking around the city and a slow drive home on a beautiful day.

 A view of the river with a pretty blue sky and some wispy clouds.

We checked out the Susquehanna River Levee Trail and the Kirby Park.  In my post below you can see the Red-Tailed Hawk my best bird seen in the park. Other birds seen were mostly Mourning Doves, Pigeons and House Sparrows and one Mallard Duck in the river.

Kirby Park was pretty with a nice pond and pavilions around for picnics and the baseball diamonds looked to be popular on this day.

 Near the river trail in Wilkes Barre is the Irem Temple . Years ago it became empty and the city of Wilkes Barre was trying to find a new purpose for this lovely building with the neat towers. I took this shot from across the bridge and was try…

Wilkes Barre Hawk

I am linking up with World Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes

I am pretty sure this is a Red-tailed hawk. Hubby and I saw him or her while walking around Kirby Park in Wilkes Barre, Pa this weekend.

The hawk did not move much only a slight turn of the head to look at me.

The red-tailed has a vivid rusty red tail.  Also, present are white markings called scapulars. Now, I had to look up what exactly scapulars were on a bird. Scapulars are feathers that cover the top of the hawks wing when the bird is at rest. They look like shoulders. Cool, I learned something new today, the meaning of scapulars.

To see more wonderful birds click here World Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes.

Thanks to Springman of World Bird Wednesday and to Michelle of Nature Notes. Also, thank you for stopping by to see my post. Happy Birding and I hope the rest of your week is a happy too.

Ricketts Glen Falls Trail

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Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!

On Saturday hubby and I hiked the Falls trail at Ricketts Glen State Park. Ricketts Glen State Park is located 30 miles north of Bloomsburg, Pa. The falls trail is a 3.2 mile loop passing by 21 waterfalls. The other waterfalls are located off other trails. It is a very steep and sometimes difficult trail. We took our time stopping to enjoy the waterfalls and I was listening for the birds and taking photos. We did spook a turkey off the trail. And I saw a few Chickadees and turkey vultures soaring above us. It is a little early for the warblers though I do think I heard one off the trail. Ricketts Glen is noted for 23 varieties of warblers and the Bald Eagle. The park is also included in the Susquehanna River Birding trail.

The sign shows the Falls Trail and list the names of each waterfall that we saw, they range from 11ft to 94ft be…