Tuesday, January 24, 2017



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The Limpkin is a Florida breeder, it can be found from northern Argentina to Florida. The Limpkin's diet consists mainly of apple snails.

I have seen the Limpkins all around Florida, I can hear them while I am inside my house. That is how loud they sound, like an alarm going off.

In Florida, these birds do not seem to fear people. We have walked by them, while they stood on the trail or next to the trail.

The Limpkin makes some unusual sounds, some sounding down right awful.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday's Critters #162

Saturday's Critters #162

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We visited Pelican Island NWR on 11/11/16, located near Vero Beach Florida. We left early enough in the morning for a stop at Vero Beach to see the sunrise and then it was off for our hike at Pelican Island NWR.

Pelicans flying over the Atlantic Ocean at Vero Beach Florida.

A pretty sunrise at Vero Beach.

A couple of Sanderlings with a Ruddy Turnstone on Vero Beach. The birds almost blend in with the sand and seaweed.

A juvenile Night Heron, my guess is a Black Crowned Night Heron? Do you agree?

A White Pelican and a Cormorant in the distance at Pelican Island NWR.

A Great Blue Heron with a distant Brown Pelican.

A Tricolored Heron seen on the trail at the Pelican Island NWR.

A Great Egret seen on the trail.

The White Ibis were also seen on the trail, some let us walk by others flew off.

There is a memorial for the wildlife refuge system at the Pelican Island NWR

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